Friday, May 05, 2006

Yesterday I moved up to 4th floor as required. Now I have about twice the floorspace that I had in my old room, but about half the number of outlets and one third the amount of shelves. I also found two of those ugly bugs dead under the mattress.

In theory, there ought to be a multitude of new MIDI ditties in the future, but what with classes and work, I don't think I'll be able to spend as much time on that as I'd hoped (although I'll have to remedy the outlet situation before I can do anything anyway). Actually, what with classes and work, I don't think I'll have time to do as much required reading and homework as I ought to. So it will probably be a most unrelaxing summer.

I was going to congratulate myself on getting through a whole week of work without a single headache, but Friday broke the record. The feverfew panacea has failed me.


Anonymous said...

ooh, it's all about those outlet plug-in thingies - the square thing you plug into the outlet and it makes it go from one outlet to like six!

they've been my saving grace in my apartment. yay for outlet expansion madness!!

Anonymous said...

So I was wondering what your calls from the Britons were?

Lapsura said...

Some unidentified company has my cell number by mistake, and they keep calling for some Ingrid Natasha person. They don't say who they are, or a number that I can call them back at. They just keep leaving messages that say "If this person does not reside at this location, please press 4," except pressing 4 just makes my voicemail repeat the message. Quite inconvenient. This Ingrid Natasha person must owe them money or something, because I'm pretty sure that if companies leave automated messages, they're supposed to say their name and a number they can be called back at--unless you owe them money or they're politicians or the government.

They've left a variety of messages, some more insistent than others. Here's one of them. (if the link doesn't work, blame Blogger)