Friday, May 19, 2006

I wasted most of my free time today playing piano and making beep-beep noises on my computer (you can find the results of that in the new MIDI Excursions on my music page. There's also a new impromptu).

Every day I walk across the street from my car to the unidentified place where I work. There's no pedestrian crossing, but I don't mind waiting until all the cars are gone, then standing on the boulevard until all those cars are gone. But for some reason, a whole string of cars will go by, then the last car in the line stops and waits for me to cross the street. Very couth of them, but not really necessary.


Anonymous said...

Behooveful tunes, and no hissing on the impromptu (some pops though).


Lapsura said...

The pops are from the large hulking fixtures in the chapel. It would behoove them to stop shifting.