Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yesss! Finally, I got some returnable junkmail.

Round 2 of Operation Junkmail

To whom it may concern:
I thank you deeply for your continued concern about my credit situation. I am sending you some offers that I think you may be interested in. They are all very good deals, so I encourage you to consider them. I have many more offers that would not fit into the return envelope, but I am confident that you will write me again soon, so I'll send the rest to you then. HAVE A NICE DAY :)

I saw two kids with wandals today. Seriously! Their feet were made of wheels! Like this.

The Roughrider directly below me likes to say "WOO!" a lot.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Perhaps you should send the Rider some offers. He may be interested in them, and will shout "WOO!" while reading them. Or you could just kick him in the shins with your wandals.