Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wooooohooooot! I haven't had an all-90 semester for a few years now.

Somebody performed this at the music festival the other day:
  • Lieder (from Fascinating Aida)
Personally, I think his was much better, if only because he pronounced every "and" as "und." And he did the German bit in the middle way better too.


Blake said...

Congrats!...Keener. And I see you've succumbed to wooing too. Feels good sometimes. Unless you think the t at the end makes it different.

Lapsura said...

It's clearly an extended "woot," which is entirely acceptable.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the all-90 semester! oh, and by the way i hate you :P

never been able to do that. well, i guess with SFU i'll never be able to do that. considering we don't get marks, we get grades. So the best I've ever done is (if i recall correctly) an A- and an A in the same semester. But then the other marks were like a B+ and a C+.... so the latter kinda ruins it.

but yeah, congrats!

Lapsura said...

Hmm, I've never understood the grade system. Seems a little arbitrary to me. "Oh, I'd say that's B-type work." I like to know specifically where I lose marks and how many I lose (although the very nature of English is arbitrary. Perhaps that's why I hated most of my English classes?). Mostly, I hate the apparent policy with most of the English Department that you can't do perfect work in English (oddly enough, excepting the English Department Head, who teaches an excellent 260 class that it is possible to get 100 in...hypothetically, of course), which is crap. In 100, the prof read my very first essay aloud to the class as a "model essay."

I also seem to have been getting worse marks in the past couple semesters, ever since I stopped talking all the time during class (don't want to seem like too much of a keener. Can't be answering all the questions). I'm guessing my summer classes will not fare well.