Monday, May 01, 2006

Today was my first day of work--all hail Amy!--(which is conveniently located across the street from a feverfew store. They might sell other stuff too, I wouldn't know). So this is kind of my first "real" job. You know, one where I have to do stuff. Camp and the library don't count, and Sask Express certainly doesn't count. The only problem at this point is that I know absolutely nothing about anything at MarkeTel, and will have to remedy that as quickly as possible.
Last year I missed May Day in Berlin by just a couple weeks. According to Whatshisface and his stupid hat, East and West Berliners traditionally throw stuff at each other across the river (as seen in the picture). Whatshisface seemed to think that this--as well as every squatter house in Kreutzberg--would be highly significant to us. I think he chose a tour route that deliberately took us past all the squatter houses he knew of. The prof was not impressed.


Blake said...

What's feverfew? Is it a good thing?

Lapsura said...

What's feverfew? What's feverfew?

Some kind of herb. I don't think it's bad.

Anonymous said...

How is it if you put it on your pasta as a flavouring?


Blake said...

It seems to be a panacea of some sort. Cures what ails ya'. So I imagine it's quite good on spaghetti. Maybe with a little eye of newt for kick.