Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Today was a surprisingly good day.

Methods class is always tough, but I love the fact that it's interesting, we have good discussions (it's even better if I don't have to contribute, but I usually do), and I'm finding myself applying all these crazy theories to stuff all the time. Actually, it would be a perfect class if I could somehow remove my name from the deck of cards she uses to determine who will say something next, because then I wouldn't have to feel obliged to learn the material beforehand (which doesn't really happen), and I could just go to class and benefit from listening to the discussions. We're supposed to be learning how to argue a case, and I think I've made several successes in an ongoing argument by applying a bunch of obscure terms and making alarming connections between literary theory and general life. Don't you just love the word "quiddity"?

For the first time ever, I didn't have a headache during Crakespeare class (and probably won't in the future since I'm getting Wednesdays off work). The prof always calls on me to answer questions that nobody immediately answers, partly because I sit closest to the front, but also (I suspect) because she knows my name (mostly because I drew attention to the fact that it's Meeeegan), and also because I always give the right answers. Maybe I'll even get decent participation marks this semester. Go forced participation!

Quiddity: the thingness of the thing. E.g. The stoniness of the stone; the treeness of the tree; the smockness of the smock. "Waiter! I say, this soup is of questionable quiddity!"

Oh my goodness...I don't know why it's always so disastrous when I peel oranges. There are bits of orange-corpse everywhere. How does it get in my hair?


Anonymous said...

Umm. I think I need to give you an orange-peeling lesson.


Amy said...

Or maybe your face does.

Anonymous said...

So it's Meeeegan, eh? I never would have guessed that. Nor would have I guessed that you have been placed on the Smite-List of the Orange-Folk. You must have done something horribly deviant to deserve that. Keep on rockin' the right answers ... we'll see what happens

Lapsura said...

Ah, you wouldn't know about the epic scone-orange warfare that goes on around here...

I'm a loyal defender of the scones, who are at war with all the oranges in the world. No doubt this is the reason the Orange-folk have me on their Smite-list.

My early drawings tended to focus on the scone-orange rivalry:
croasted orange pulp
scone warfare
orange-flavoured scones

Many people call me May-gan; sometimes I correct them, sometimes they ignore me anyways. But it is indeed Meeeeegan. Rhymes with bee-gan.