Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This has been a remarkably bad day.

I woke up with a worsened version of what I've termed a "Monday/Wednesday headache," which, ideally, I could get rid of with a special blend of pills, some earplugs, near-complete darkness, and a solid morning of sleep in my special headache-recovery position and my headache-recovery pyjamas. Instead, I went to class because I didn't understand any of the material for today (I still don't).

I had my usual crappy Methods class (which actually has some fantastic discussions in it, it's probably one of the most useful and un-pointless English classes that exist), which today I had no idea what was going on because the readings make no sense, and the assignment I wrote makes even less. Of course, when the prof drew my name (indicating I was to speak), I demonstrated my general lack of understanding and said something only slightly intelligible, but the prof seemed to understand it. We didn't actually get time to go over the assignments, so I'll never know what the heck "discourse" is supposed to be, or how you get it (as far as I've been able to discern, "discourse" is what you call a literary work when you examine it as not being present, or not being a thing, or the things inside it are not things...so you look at the work but imagine it's not there--I don't get it, and we never really got at discourse in class).

Then I tried to nap for twenty minutes before I left for work. The sandwich they gave me in my bagged lunch was soggy (and sad...), so I've basically eaten nothing yet today.

Then at work I started taking my first calls, and I don't know what the heck is going on, or how to solve problems. Plus, I'm even more incoherent over the phone than I am in person.

[there was never anything in this space]

So my headache gradually worsened and I was happy to go home. But...climbing stairs generally makes things worse so I took the elevator. The elevator rose about a foot and then stopped. The phone in it doesn't freaking work! So I was stuck in the elevator for a generous amount of time, ringing the pitiful alarm bell (Bernil was sitting in the lounge right beside the elevator, apparently, and was going to come and tell the person inside the elevator to shut up because he was trying to study. This is what I was afraid of: it doesn't occur to people that someone might actually need help) until Maintenance finally pulleyed me down to the basement. At least Maintenance was still there.

Then I went to pay tuition and residence fees, which is always traumatic, but I couln't actually pay it all.

Then some Roughriders told me I was rude.

My roommate habitually slams her door, more loudly than I would have expected possible.

I have a cold. Who gets a cold in summer? It could also be allergies, but I'm betting it's a cold.

I definitely won't get to go visit my sister and her baby in the hospital today.

And now my head is aching, I have to read a Crakespeare play for tomorrow (the first reading I'll have done for that class yet) as well as Criterary Theory reading and assignment. It would behoove me to get rid of this headache because tomorrow is another one of those days...


Anonymous said...

wow, and I thought MY day was bad! poor meggies! you really must tell these headaches how inconvenient and unwelcome they are. i surmise, rather like the raondom britons.

Amy said...

Sorry guv, I forgot to forward your welcome email. It was sent before you got email set up. There there:

Most of you have already met Megan (last name here), our new part-time technical support person. I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome Megan to (company name here), and wish her well in her stay with us.

Oh, and just fyi, I got warned about blogging about/at work. Blogging from work is evidently an evil never before done by any employee other than me in the company's history (cough-BULLSHIT-cough), but blogging about work is also bad, or so I've been told.

And just because you can't bullshit your way through calls, don't feel that you're behind Pul (you'll have to imagine the umlaut). You have more of the detail down than he does, and knowing little things is what keeps customers happy. You're doing just fine.